Chapter 1

What is blood management?

Master the basics of transfusion. Learn about the most commonly transfused blood products, the importance of restrictive transfusion strategies, and how to avoid unnecessary risk.
3 Lessons (9m 30s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 4

Pre-transfusion testing

Here, you’ll take a deep dive into the key tests needed to ensure a smooth blood transfusion: blood group typing, antibody screening, and compatibility testing.
6 Lessons (18m 19s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 5

Safety first

Learn how to correctly prepare for and safely perform a blood transfusion. Master pre-transfusion checks, ABO identity tests, and the safe administration of a blood transfusion.
5 Lessons (16m 06s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 7

Special situations

Manage transfusion medicine curveballs: incompatibilities between mother and child, diagnosing autoimmune hemolysis, and drug-interference with blood compatibility testing.
5 Lessons (19m 25s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 8

Practicing your skills

Infuse your newly acquired skill set with real-world experience by thinking through patient cases in the final chapter of this course.
5 Lessons (11m 46s), 1 Quiz