Chapter 3

Ultrasound guidance for paracentesis

Perfect your paracentesis technique. In this chapter, you’ll learn how to identify pockets of fluid in the abdomen, perform paracentesis procedures, and avoid common mistakes.
5 Lessons (15m 42s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 5

Ultrasound guidance for lumbar puncture

Peek before you poke! Perfect your lumbar puncture with US by learning how to find the spinous process and dura mater, position your patient correctly, and fix common complications.
5 Lessons (9m 15s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 6

Ultrasound guidance for subcutaneous abscess management

Don’t let abscess management get under your skin. Learn how to identify superficial tissue structures and subcutaneous abscesses, and then use US to guide incision and drainage.
5 Lessons (8m 39s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 7

Ultrasound guidance for arthrocentesis

Get into a joint with total ease after completing this chapter. Learn how to use US to identify structures of the knee, avoid complications, and guide a successful arthrocentesis.
4 Lessons (6m 40s), 1 Quiz